Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Nomination

1. 1. All entrants or nominations must operate in the Far West of NSW, as defined by the RDA Far West regional footprint

2. The Judging Panel reserves the right to place your entry into a category it feels most appropriate. The judging panel reserves the right to create or delete categories based on the number of
entries received

3. The applicant acknowledges that if they win an award, that the award is personal to the winner and is not assignable to another person or business

4. Awards presented will be to the organisation or the person named on the application form

5. No alterations to applications will be permitted after the date of submission although submissions may be withdrawn prior to announcement of winners

6. A finalist MUST have a representative present at the gala event on 25 November 2017

7. The winner of the Outback Spirit Award will be required to deliver a brief acceptance speech

8. Nomination into the Awards is free

9. Your privacy is protected and all entries are regarded as CONFIDENTIAL and all individuals involved in the judging process are required to complete a ‘Confidentiality Agreement’

10. Entries must be submitted in the official entry format, online or People’s Choice as an online or paper copy. All questions must be addressed in full to be eligible

11. All entrants or nominations must be registered with the ATO as a business and hold a current ABN number

12. Where there is a tie, the winner will be determined by the business with the most points awarded in the General Question area

13. Sponsors may enter the awards, but may not enter the category that they are sponsoring

14. New Business category – defined as operating less than 2 years

15. Best Small Business category – defined as 20 or less Employees

16. Best Medium to Large Business category – defined as more than 20 Employees

17. People’s Choice – entrants must act honestly, fairly and in good faith in participating in the awards

18. No responsibility is accepted for late, lost, incomplete, incorrectly submitted or misdirected entries or due to technical malfunctions that result in an individual being unable to submit an entry online

19. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into

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